Accident Insurance – A Must Financial Backup

Uncertainty is one element that is always present in life and it is this uncertainty of anything that makes us take measures to face all kinds of unwanted happenings. The same holds true with accidents which can happen anytime and can upset all your finances and routines. The best is to be prepared for them. Since any such occurrences end you up in a financial mess it is best to be backed up with finances.

Any good personal accident insurance plan can help you in unwanted events like – death, total permanent disability or permanent partial disability. Most of the insurance policies are readily available to any person who is a resident of the country. It can be extended to the spouse and dependent children.

The main purpose of an accident insurance plan is to provide your dependents a financial back up in case you are not there or unable to fulfill their needs. Such claims can be made in one of the following cases:

• Fatal Accident: In an event of a fatal accident when the insured meets death due to the accident, the entire insured amount of the policy is paid to the beneficiary of the policy. This is also known as Death benefit.
• Permanent Total Disability: In an accident where the insured is injured and is rendered totally disabled permanently, the entire sum insured needs to be paid to the insured.
• Permanent Partial Disability: In case the insured meets with an accident which renders him partially disabled, then the money insured can be claimed. But in this case the insured would not get the entire amount but a percentage of it calculated on the basis of policies and the condition of the person.

In case of a death or permanent total or partial disability of the insured an accident insurance policy even provides education grant to dependent children.

In order to understand a good policy one needs to know the basic requirements of ideal policy. Broadly it should cover the maximum risk and should offer hassle free claims and processes. Ideally it should have the following features:

• It should provide instant coverage and should involve the least of processes when it comes to claims
• It should have a worldwide coverage
• It should ideally have Educational Grant as a part of the package
• It should give wider cover like Permanent total disablement, Medical expenses related to accident hospitalization

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Importance of Accident Insurance When Heading Abroad for a Trip

Imagine a situation where the bread winner of the family gets involved in an accident during a holiday trip. The whole family would have to face lots of trouble after the incident, apart from the mental trauma. The introduction of a policy to meet the consequences of such unforeseen situations became a reality in the 1800s. Though it is commonly referred to as the accident insurance, it has the same features as that of the disability income that is provided to various people who meet with accidents.

A number of people are not aware of the correct purpose of the personal accident insurance cover. It does not serve the sole purpose of providing financial support to individuals who face accidents during a trip for which they have been insured. It is a policy that completely covers all the expenses that occur due to an accident. This can be either daily or monthly payments and in case of death due to an accident, a lump sum payment can also be done. One of the most inexpensive forms is that of accidental death and dismemberment. The various insurance agencies which offer such policies differ from each other in many aspects. There are various ways to buy such an insurance coverage and each agency provides coverage to only a set of requirements.

The cost incurred in getting this insurance varies with respect to the needs of a person. Situations that have less chances of occurrence such as traveler’s accidental death insurance are lesser than that of injury when not at work which require a lot of medical attention. Moreover, missing work on account of such accidents would normally tend to cost more. There is a misconception that accident insurance pays for a very long period of time. It is usually paid in percentages with death getting a hundred percent payment. Increase in payment is done for certain special cases like meeting with an accident while wearing a seat belt and so on.

The main reason why a lot of individuals purchase this insurance policy is to supplement the already existing insurance coverage. Getting the benefits of foregone income is the most attractive aspect of this special personal accident insurance policy. You never know when you might meet with an accident and cause huge financial burden to your loved ones. In such situations, the emotional turmoil faced by people around you would be incomparable. Most of these unexpected expenses can be easily met when a personal accident insurance cover is taken.

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You Need Not Ignore Accident Insurance Programs

Accidents happen at anytime of the year and anywhere. You may not want it to happen to you or your loved ones, but you can never predict when is it going to happen or how to avoid them in case they are coming you way. It is inevitable and it could meet your way at the most unexpected time of your life. Worst consequence is that you could lose your own life. On the contrary, if you were able to survive from the sudden tragic and traumatic event of your life you are lucky enough to evade the most fearing factor of life.

However, your short-term disability status after surviving the accident could take a hard toll on your part because suddenly the world can be so hard for you. And couple this with another sad reality of the financial consequences (especially if you don’t have enough money) this could be depressing enough you would think you’re not lucky enough to survive that one.

Now, this is where accident insurance comes into the rescue. If you are protected with this insurance, you could lift off a portion of weight off you’re financial burdens after that accident. If you are covered by an accident insurance, those times that you were not able to work due to the temporary disability you suffer from will be paid. Moreover, the program will usually cover most of the medical bills that piled up during your treatment. Hence, astronomical medical bills will no longer a thing on your dark clouds.

Other Benefits of Accident Insurance

Part of the covered benefits that an accident insurance program should give is to pay your doctor’s bill, along with the hospital bills (includes ambulance bills and confinements in the hospital benefits). Another benefit of this kind of insurance is even if the accident happened outside work you can still avail of the benefits.

Depending on the type of accident insurance program that you are insured with, other benefits include the following:

– Unlimited number of occurrences of accidents coverage

– Family coverage

– Lump-sum payment to your (or to your surviving family members)

– Benefits for fractures, loss of limbs, dislocations or death

The importance of an accident insurance program might not be a big deal if you haven’t experienced the tragic event of the accident. But why wait encounter it and then also suffer from the equally frustrating financial consequences? If you are protected with an accident insurance policy, there is no need to worry as you and even your other family members are covered by the benefits of the program. So if you’re still not insured, you might as well apply now for one and avoid the dilemma of financial matters. Ask around on how you can access such program and insurance companies are scattered everywhere.

Accident Insurance Programs Online

The internet has enough information about the insurance. Usually, accident insurance companies are signed with the world wide web for easy connection with the members and other consumers. Terms and conditions, policies, premiums, and other information usually come in the website so you are already provided with enough knowledge regarding the insurance.

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Accident Insurance For Children – Something You Must Not Ignore

Accident insurance for children is often forgotten by parents and guardians. Most people ignore providing financial security for children in case they got seriously injured in an untoward event. However, it is also true that nobody wants to see their children in wheelchairs for their entire life and therefore, accident insurance for children is the hidden truth that is to be accepted as soon as possible.

The children’s case is forgotten just because it is thought, for some inane reason, that children are less exposed to accidental risks. But, this is not true at all. Children are very susceptible to accidental injuries, so what if they do not drive on the roads? The scenario is slowly changing though; parents are realizing the importance of accident insurance for children. They want to know that in the event of anything bad happening to their children, at least there should not be a financial crisis.

Accident insurance for children is generally included in family health insurance policies. These policies are indeed worth going for as they cover major risks to which your son or daughter is always exposed to. Health insurance for children can cover illness and broken bones but generally covers everything that happens to a child health-wise. Accident insurance slightly differs from the health insurance as it covers the physical damage due to unwanted events such as vehicle accidents, falling from heights, skiing injuries, shock, drowning etc.

Your child is exposed to the world and so to the risks too. Accidents on school trips are unfortunately not covered by accident insurance companies but looking to the demand, many companies are now coming up with new policies that cover those accidents too. You can also ask for the school trip accident insurance to the school itself.

One of the main benefits in accident insurances for children is that the premiums are lesser than those in similar adult insurance. The premium is less because the risk is less in case of children. There are some insurance policies that cover both; accidents and also health problems as they are covered in mediclaims (medical claims).

There are many agencies which offer you the best policies and you can also contact some private person who is professional and dealing with different type of accident insurance. These professionals are available almost any time of the day to provide their services. They can help you getting the best suitable insurance policies for your son or daughter that can cover maximum accidental risks. Once you start getting the policies, you can also claim the bonuses that are subjected to certain terms and conditions.

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Travel Accident Insurance

Whether it is a business trip, for pleasure or a student break, you should never travel abroad without comprehensive travel accident insurance. Today’s travel accident insurance policies are also used to cover lost or stolen luggage, delays, personal belongings as well as the usual medical emergencies including urgent evacuation. Be aware though that checking the travel accident insurance beforehand is important as many of the eventualities you need covered may be extras; not just the amount of cover but also what happens if your trip is cancelled or there is a problem with your luggage for example.

Initially, a little background knowledge of what’s available in the market place to cover travel and medical insurance is going to be a worthwhile effort on your part especially to have the knowledge that you are covered for all eventualities. When carrying out your travel accident insurance research, remember that travel agents are there to sell you a holiday or travel deal and may not know much about travel and medical insurance policies so may not have the answers you need to make an informed decision. In your search, don’t forget online consumer and comparison websites that do all the research for you, so all you have to do is choose the best policy for your needs.

Often, a person’s health insurance may cover certain medical bills associated with foreign travel but a comprehensive travel accident insurance policy should cover all eventualities including air ambulance support and emergency cash where necessary. In general terms, travel accident insurance protects all holiday costs against adverse events such as cancellation and interruption and also reimburses medical expenses, the loss or damage of property and transit delays including medical evacuation and emergency transportation. Other situations where your luggage is delayed should also be covered by the travel accident insurance plan as well as fully comprehensive twenty-four-hour emergency medical aid. For people traveling outside America or Canada it is a good idea to make sure the travel medical insurance covers benefits for overnight hospital stays, normally at least 0 per night.

When an insurance claim has to be lodged owing to an incident it is important to notify the company who has supplied your travel accident insurance as soon as you are able. When you return from your vacation, you will need to collect all your receipts, proof of ownership (where necessary) and any other relevant information collected from the Police or medical establishments and forward them all to the insurance company claims department to assist in an early settlement. Although you may feel that your travel insurance company may not be that helpful, that is not the case and they will do everything they can to help the situation if you let them know what is happening and do not forget that they will more likely have previous experience with the problem. Your choice of travel accident insurance should not be taken lightly and nor should it be chosen purely on cost because there is no point saving money if it doesn’t cover you for the very eventuality you need it for.

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3 Killer Attraction Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Sky Rocket Your Leads, Sales & Online Success

Since the Introduction of Mike Dillard’s Industry Changing Magnetic Sponsoring Course, Attraction Marketing has quickly become the most powerful communication strategy ever used to build a successful enterprise in today’s Home Based Business & Online Marketplace.

From Blogging, to Article Marketing, Video Marketing & Social Media, more and more Home Business Entrepreneurs are not only turning to Attraction Marketing to build their businesses, but many are making an absolute fortune doing so!

Today more than ever, thanks to technology and the speed at which we are able to communicate with people all over the world, online entrepreneurs are able to create interest, brand themselves and become a center of influence for dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people with the push of a few buttons.

Ultimately, those who do a great job of marketing themselves most often, will also generate the most interest, the most opt-ins and the most sales.

So the question is not whether you should start using Attraction Marketing to grow your business, but more importantly how do you do it so that you too can be like the many people using this strategy to make money online every day.

What’s the Secret Sauce?

Well, let’s just say that there’s a whole lot more to successful Attraction Marketing than just uploading some videos to You Tube or posting a few articles or blog posts online and then expecting the world to beat a path to your door.

There are many ingredients that make up a successful Attraction Marketing campaign, however, the real question is not so much about doing it, because how difficult is it to speak in front of a video camera or whip out your keyboard and start typing away? We speak and type every single day without much thought.

To really break it down to its least common denominator, Attraction Marketing is not about what you are doing, but more importantly, who you are being.

Let’s do a short exercise:

Think of a successful Attraction Marketer that you know of.

Video Marketer, Blogger, Article Marketer, Network Marketer, Information Guru – any one will do.

Draw a picture of him or her in your mind right now.

Who do you see?

What do you feel?

What is your impression of him or her?

Whether they are pretty or handsome (or not), they’re probably attractive enough, if you’ve just thought about them.

Not in any other way except that they have an attractive personality, right?

Why is that?

What draws you to them?

What makes them so attractive to you and perhaps thousands of others, that you think of them often and enjoy listening to or watching them?

Crack this nut and you’ve just answered the million dollar question!

So, here’s the answer.

I call what you are about to read, “Secrets” because hardly anyone ever discloses this information in detail when they talk about how to become a great Attraction Marketer.

But I’m going to take you inside the world of exactly why it works!

It’s so obvious once you know these secrets, that it won’t take much for you to implement them into your own marketing.

So let’s dive in to 3 Killer Attraction Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Sky Rocket Your Leads, Sales & Online & Success.

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #1 – Being Comfortable with Yourself

Think about your favorite Attraction Marketer again.

Notice how relaxed they are in front of a camera?

How about expressing themself on the phone?

How about their story telling in print?

Whether you watch them LIVE or in a video, read their writing or listen to them on a call or webinar, they exude a very high level of peace, posture and power.

They are confident and have high self esteem.

They are natural and fully self expressed.

Deep down, they know that they are not perfect, yet we perceive them to be, even if they sometimes choke on their words, stutter or even spit on the camera!

This is because they don’t mind being vulnerable, they don’t mind being transparent and they don’t mind being fully exposed.

When you have a healthy self esteem and a good self image, you begin not to care how others judge you, because you have come to a place where quite frankly, you no longer judge yourself.

This is a very attractive quality and it will draw people to you like kids to a candy store.

Pay close attention to those you find yourself attracted to.

It’s in these comfortable moments of brilliance that they develop a tremendous influence over you and this is exactly how you will do the same.

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #2 – Know Your Market

This is a critical piece to the puzzle, because if you don’t know who you are marketing to, you are essentially marketing to everybody.

And when you market to everybody, you market to nobody.

Knowing exactly who you want to resonate and connect with in your marketing message will not only allow you to speak directly to them, but with them.

Because even though you are the only one communicating in your video or blog post or article, there is a two way conversation taking place in the mind of your audience and when you can get into rapport with that person’s psyche, you are strengthening your relationship with them, deepening their trust for you and developing what is called purchase readiness.

In other words, when you know exactly who you are marketing to, what they want, what they don’t want, what they like, what they don’t like, what their challenges are and what motivates or inspires them, and you actually articulate this in your message, you get them into full agreement with everything you are communicating, making them want to get to know you more, receive more of your value and perhaps even buy from you.

After all, this is the reason you are in business – to develop a market and make sales!

Now, how about those who do not resonate with you or your message?

Well, chances are that they will form an early opinion of you and only use your messages to waste time, procrastinate or justify their reasons for not liking or buying from you – and this is OK.

Just as you are not going to please everyone or sell everyone, you are not going to connect with everyone.

When you come to understand that many successful marketers are either loved or hated by their lists, including friends, fans and followers, you will truly come to understand why they make their millions.

You see, as you become more and more of a successful Attraction Marketer in the Direct Marketing Industry, you will realize a very powerful strategy called, Polarizing Your List.

This simply means that you aim to attract only those who are in your market and don’t mind detracting those who are not.

Always remember, the larger your list grows, the more unsubscribes you are going to experience. Don’t let this scare you. It’s an opportunity to really learn your market better so that more of your subscribers stay tuned in to you and your messages.

To better understand and know your Market, you want to create what is known as an “Avatar”.

Just like the movie, an “Avatar” is a fictitious character that possesses all of the qualities of the “perfect” lead or subscriber, friend, fan, follower, customer or client.

Knowing exactly who your market is will allow you to clear a path to your target and hit it more often than not.

Once you know the “Avatar” of your perfect prospect, then and only then can you speak their language, on their terms and in their world.

This Attraction Marketing Secret alone has made many, many Attraction Marketing Millionaires!

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #3 – Offer Value

Now although this is probably the most often heard advice in our Industry, this Secret is probably also the most mis-understood.

What exactly does it mean to “give value”?

Well, first, let’s go back to Secret #1 & Secret #2.

When you possess a high level of self comfort, as stated in Secret #1, this instills confidence and trust into your audience that you know what you are talking about, and this fact alone is very attractive to others.

You see, we live in very uncertain times for most people and to know that someone else is confident and steadfast on their way to security, is very comforting.

And, to know that they can follow this confident, steadfast person to a safe haven, is even more comforting.

Even if you are a new entrepreneur or just got started in your business and don’t have a clue about how to be successful yet, but come off that you know exactly what you are doing based on how comfortable you are with yourself, people will pay attention to you and will be influenced by you and your message.

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Master Attraction Marketing, Master Your Online Business Success

It is no secret any longer – attraction marketing is the only way to achieve lasting online business success. In the past, you had to at least intuitively understand the principles of attraction marketing in order to generate a profit.

But for network marketing success, or any other type of online business success, you need to be an out-and-out master of them. If you incorporate attraction marketing 5 basic principles, you will be on the fast track to whopping an online business success.

1. Law of Attraction

First of all, you have got to recalibrate your mindset if you want to run an effective attraction marketing campaign and ultimately build your online business success. The Law of Attraction is what attraction marketing is predicated on, and that “law” must first be instituted and upheld on the mental plane, in order for it to be decisively manifested on the physical plane. Your mindset has got to connect with your vision of what is possible in order for attraction marketing to work. Determine your goals and dreams – with pragmatic clarity – and make sure that your “inner self” is truly aligned with them.

The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts, behavior, and actions determine your results. What you think and what you do is what gets thought and done about you. In attraction marketing, your mindset must be strong and “prosperity-oriented” in order for you to get strong sales, and thus a prosperous online business business.

2. Effective communication

Attraction marketing also requires that you learn how to communicate effectively online. Online communication can be very different from offline communication. Be clear about your values and purpose in order to significantly ramp up your conversion rates. The better you are able to communicate to others about what you and your business stand for, the better you’ll attract those who share the same values – and who are most likely to buy what you have to offer… again and again.

3. Offer Value

Attraction marketing really boils down to just how well you communicate who you are, what you want, and what VALUE you have to offer a select market. Your online business success will be build on this value.

Of course, no thought is truly worth anything until it’s acted on. In attraction marketing, not only do you have to recalibrate your mindset and communicate succinctly who you are and what you offer, but you have to ACT in accordance with what you say. That is, you have to deliver what you promise.

4. Take Action

Apply what you learn about yourself and share it with others. You cannot just spend your time thinking about what you wish to happen – you have got to coordinate your actions and behaviors to act synergistically with your thinking.

Keep this in mind when you utilize the principles of attracting marketing: Acting in concert with a prosperity mindset attracts prosperity. Acting in concert with a poverty mindset attracts poverty, and so on. Act in concernt to your online business SUCCESS.

5. Offer Value For FREE

If you want to practice attraction marketing the right way, you have got to give away value for free. You may think that defeats the purpose, but in attraction marketing, it actually bolsters it. By giving away value for free, you earn your prospects trust, and that, more than anything else, leads to high conversion rates. Share what you learn with others, and qualified leads will come to you. You will become more than just a salesperson, you will become a sought-after leader in your industry. If you doubt, look at every huge online business success, they are all based on this purpose over and over.

And See the snowball rolling….

Ask yourself, what message am I sending out? How does it set me apart from my competitors?

Finally, after you have persistently acted in accordance with your mindset, you will start to see a payoff. According to attraction marketing, the more happy customers you have, the more happy customers you will get. People will start to seek you out because you have a proven record of helping others solve their problems and reach their goals.

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Attraction Marketing – The Key To Exploding Your Business With Ease

You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term meant or you have tried applying attraction marketing but haven’t seen any real results from your efforts, well today I want to explain to you in detail how to apply attraction marketing to your business.

Once you understand and apply attraction marketing to every piece of marketing that you do you will have people coming to you asking about your business opportunity, how do you think your business would look then?

Attraction Marketing Concept

The concept behind attraction marketing comes down to leading with value instead of leading with your business opportunity, position yourself as a leader, as some who can show them exactly how to have success in this industry because ultimately people join people they do not join companies unless the stars are perfectly aligned and the company is the perfect fit for that specific person.

It is only natural for humans to seek leadership and it has been this way ever since the birth of the human race, in the early years people looked towards the alpha male to ensure them shelter, food, safety, etc well this human nature is still very much alive in every single human being today so you can apply this very principle to your business and basically create a following of people who look to you for guidance on how to create success in this industry.

When you were looking for a company to join did you ever find yourself looking for someone who has already created success in that company? I’m sure you have… They call that sponsor shopping, your goal is to be that sponsor that people are shopping for so you want to market yourself instead of marketing your business opportunity.

Attraction Marketing Myth

The most common myth about attraction marketing is that people think they have to be a complete expert at everything and have made a million dollars in order to be a leader but this couldn’t be further from the truth and I will tell you why.

If you have generated a lead online or offline I can guarantee that there are a butt load of people that haven’t generated a lead, if you have generated 10, 25, 50+ leads per day I can guarantee that there is a butt load of people that haven’t accomplished that kind of lead flow, If you have sponsored your first person into your company then I can guarantee that there is a butt load of people that haven’t sponsored a single person, if you have had your first 5 figure day then I can guarantee that yes you guessed it a butt load of people haven’t even made a dollar in their network marketing company.

As soon as you have accomplished any results in your business you can then position yourself as a leader to the people that haven’t achieved those results yet, A leader leads by example so if you really want to be a great leader then invest in developing your skill sets, take massive action and turn around and teach what works for you to others that are struggling.

The Attraction Marketing Business Model

Now you understand that the concept behind attraction marketing is basically personal branding and that you don’t have to be highly successful to position yourself as a leader so now I want to lay out a blueprint for applying attraction marketing to your business.

Marketing –

When you are marketing you need to be leading with value and lead with how you can help your prospect to market online, generate leads, create capture pages, create sales funnels etc you get the idea but you HAVE to lead with VALUE.

Personal Capture Page –

You want to use a capture page that has a video or picture of you to get your prospects familiar with you which basically starts the relationship with your prospects, where I see a lot of people going wrong here is they just use the default capture page that their company supplied them which doesn’t brand you it brands that company.

Email Auto responder (Sales Funnel) –

Once you have captured their details you then follow up and build a relationship with your prospects by dripping emails on them over time that contain links to your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, training, videos, marketing products that has to be of high VALUE and by doing this your prospects get to know, like and trust you.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust so if you are looking to sponsor people into your network marketing company then applying attraction marketing is the ONLY way to build a business.

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?

Every single successful person in this industry has applied attraction marketing in order to grow their network marketing businesses with ease and if you want to take your business to the next level attraction marketing is the key!

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Attraction Marketing – How To Magnetically Attract Prospects and Buy From You

Attraction Marketing

Traditional Selling Is Dead

Before I talk about attraction marketing and explain exactly what it is – I want to briefly look at the traditional, high pressured selling tactics that are often employed by people in the sales arena. If you have ever watched The Apprentice, you will know what I mean!

So, the way sales professionals normally sell is by cold calling or run advertising campaigns to generate leads. Afterward, the phone rings and most sales professionals will then spend their time pitching and demonstrating the ‘features’ of their products.

This approach is flawed and quite often results the prospect being pressured in to making a decision. However most of the time, the agent will experience something called ‘The Law of Reverse Effect’, this happens because the buyer will start to resist making the purchase based on the way it is being sold to them. From this point the sales agent will have to do their best to convince the prospect to buy and deal with several objections.

We live in world in which we have the ability to choose who we do business with. The more companies that try and improve their cold calling scripts and use underhand tactics will lose prospects to their competitors.

An Attraction Marketing Lesson From Harrods People like to shop because they get pleasure from it. I want you to think of a time when you’ve visited a store and nobody has ever approached you. Got it?

I recently experienced this in Harrods, London. Harrods is a shop that knows how to give its visitors a fun and pleasurable experience.

You can look at whatever you want, you can touch whatever you want and you can try on whatever you want.

Harrods employ an approach in which they do not sell to their prospects. Why? Because they’re clever and they know that even if you cannot buy that ten thousand dollar furniture, you might just spend ten dollars on something else. They also know that this will only happen if you have a pleasurable and fun experience and come back again sometime in the future and spend some more money in their store.

Harrods and some other smart stores DO NOT concentrate on making a sale but they do concentrating on creating customers for life.

Another good example of a company that does this is Amazon. Amazon is very clever in remembering the type of things that you are interested and it will give you personalized advice whenever you visit their site about the items you ought to check out. Amazon do this for one reason only – they’re not pitching, they’re showing. They let you make up your own mind by helping you find the sort of items that you might be interested in.

So Let’s go back to Attraction Marketing If you want to increase you’re business as an internet marketer or any other business for that matter then begin to act like a Leader and not a sales person.

I receive dozens of emails every week in which marketers are trying to sell stuff. They’re selling stuff on their Blogs, on Facebook and everywhere else! They act like desperate sales agents! This is the complete opposite of what attraction marketing is.

If you want to become a leader within your field, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing or any other field – start educating people about your subject area of expertise. Make your interactions on your Blog, through email and Social Media fun and pleasure experiences. Share your knowledge with them about your industry and explain to them how the pains in your industry can be alleviated.

If you focus your time on solving the problems of your prospects you will find that you will automatically become a leader. A leader “leads” and does not “sell”. He simply does not need to sell and allows prospects to make up their own minds.

Make Yourself/Business Attractive To Your Prospects

This is what attraction marketing is all about!

You will find that just by engaging, educating and leading your prospects will make you very irresistible to your prospects. They’ll want to do business with you because they will like you. People do business with people who they like.

Sometimes this may not be enough so make sure you have an aesthetically designed and attractive website.

Attraction Marketing Magnetism You will find that attraction marketing is simple when you stop thinking about the money you’re going to make from each client. If you focus on serving your prospects the money will come to you automatically.

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Powerful Attraction Marketing Advice From Paul Hutchings

It is with much excitement that I kick off my Attraction Marketing Guru Interview series with a very special guest, Paul Hutchings. Paul is a partner of mine and it was only natural to start with him as he has taught me so much already.

The first question I asked Paul Hutchings is how he was introduced to attraction marketing, and what his first 30 to 60 days getting started were like.

Paul Hutchings was first introduced to Attraction Marketing by Ann Sieg, and her Renegade Network Marketer program. However he found it a challenge to get any kind of cohesive game plan going and out of frustration he went back to the typical MLM lead generation strategies. After exhausting these methods once again, he began to search the internet for more online lead generation strategies.

Paul came across MyLeadSystemPro, which at the time was a new attraction marketing system, and he just had a strong gut feeling it was going to work for him. They had thought of everything and it was a polished program which flowed logically with the training and tools provided. But before starting any campaigns, he listened to every one of the training videos to determine what strategy he was going to focus on.

He picked article marketing and blogging, and focused all his efforts on these techniques over the last 16 months.

So then I wondered did any self-doubt ever creep in during those first couples months with Attraction Marketing?

Online Network Marketing takes Determination – The Key for Paul Hutchings getting off to a good start was his steadfast belief that it was going to work, no matter what. He never doubted, in spite of all the setbacks, that he would experience success.

Some of the early challenges Paul faced:

Setting up a blog, which can stump anyone who isn’t overly familiar with the internet
Learning how to use some of the powerful software tools such as article submission can be tedious
Late nights on the sofa with his laptop trying to figure it all out (I know what that’s like!)
One company threatened to sue him for material he wrote on the web, there was no basis for it, but he was new and scared and spent an entire week removing all the content!
His computer got a virus, and he had to recreate all of his programs and files (back up your computer to an external drive regularly, or use a web based service)

You will have obstacles and must commit to getting around them.

To help deal with the doubt that can creep in during the early weeks, Paul leaned on Napoleon Hill’s think and grow rich.

Two things in particular he focuses on daily:

Major definite purpose
Self-confidence formula

Invest daily in your mindset, all the major success moguls do this. This is how you eliminate the self-doubt that creeps in.

We talked about some of the characteristics that are red flags for people who are not going to make it with attraction marketing online and network marketing in general.

If you struggle with communication skills, you will struggle with attraction marketing
You don’t need to be real outspoken, but have to be willing to connect with people
If challenges get to you mentally, you won’t make it very far. Very few problems can’t be helped with a simple Google search and the will to get past it
If you think the Internet is a silver bullet that will substitute for hard work and focus it’s not for you

What Attraction Marketing products does Paul Hutchings currently use and recommend for those just getting started?

Paul Hutchings is a big believer in being a student all your life, and suggests investing in whatever attraction marketing programs and tools you can afford, and never stop investing.

Paul made it clear that you must have a funded proposal to get started. His top recommendation is MLSP, second pick is Magnetic Sponsoring. MyleadsystemPro (MLSP) allows you to brand yourself, and you can even market all the Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring) products via the MLSP system. These are the two main products I have invested in as well.

Paul Hutchings on the future of Attraction Marketing

He believes that MLSP will continue to lead and be the premier choice for the new attraction marketing students. He also believes there will be more acceptance of online lead generation methods by old school MLM pros, and that online network marketing pros will further embrace the traditional sales models because both are valuable and best used together to maximize success with attraction marketing.

What powerful new trend is Paul taking advantage of right now in attraction marketing?

To this point, attraction marketing in the MLM industry has been a one man show all about branding yourself, to the point where the downline is not as strong as it should be because there is a lack of a team mentality. A lead strategy for yourself is no longer good enough according to Paul Hutchings. You need collaboration with all the leaders on your team to develop the members of your organizaton. Supporting the people you bring in is just as important as finding new leads, but this focus is skewed in online attraction marketing. Paul has taken a pioneering approach to network marketing online, and I can testify to that fact and consider myself lucky to be part of his team.

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